All quiet

Created 20th September, 2006 04:02 (UTC), last edited 20th September, 2006 04:11 (UTC)

I've just returned from taking Tai to work¹ [1She is working on a flight to Japan and will be away for a couple of days.] and the streets are quiet. There's less traffic about than normal for a Wednesday, but most businesses are open. We didn't see any police or military on the roads despite being surrounded by army bases and living next door to the airport — even around the airport we didn't see anything.

Tod is at home practicing for any upcoming insurgency on Counter Strike² [2We woke him last night to tell him not to go to school and of course he didn't believe us. He was pretty upset he wouldn't be going to school, but a day off playing computer games seems to have cheered him up no end.].

Whilst at one of our favourite noodle shops having breakfast we saw that iTV was on-air. iTV is owned by Shin-Corp, Thaksin's old company he recently sold. This is probably a fairly good indicator that things will be normal by the weekend.

Schools and government offices are closed today, and it seems that the Universities will be shut for some time. I understand that the Internet and phones were cut off during the night, but everything appears to be working normally now.

For our part we'll just carry on normally. There certainly doesn't seem to be anything to be unduly worried about, at least no more than usual around here.

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