January 2006

Created 24th January, 2006 16:28 (UTC), last edited 30th January, 2006 18:28 (UTC)

At the end of each month I'm going to publish a list of what's new on the site over the course of that month. Hopefully most months there'll be a bit of all sorts. I still have a backlog of old things I've written over the course of the past year and a bit that aren't ready (many aren't even finished). I'll be clearing the backlog as and when. The creation dates shown on articles will tell you how long I've been thinking about something.


Of course all the articles are new this month (even if some are newer than others). Here's a list though just for completeness' sake.


Even though we've now lost our HP R707 camera there's still quite a few pictures that I want to put up here.


No books are on the site yet, but there are a few that are partly done and almost ready for publication. In most cases getting some of the pages published would be fairly easy, but I also want to write my own introduction pages. These are proving somewhat harder.


All the categories are new this month. Again, just for completeness, here's the list: