Valerie Solanas

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To be sure he's a Man, the male must see to it that the female be clearly a Woman, the opposite of a Man, that is, the female must act like a faggot.

As well as shooting Andy Warhol she clearly had some odd ideas about what it is to be a man or woman.

She'd gained notoriety through her SCUM manifesto. For anybody who missed that it's the Society for Cutting Up Men. Not very friendly to us men, but clearly even less friendly to Warhol, Mario Amaya and Fred Hughes.

She'd given her manuscript for her play Up Your Ass to Warhol in the hope that he would produce the play. He obviously didn't like it that much as he later admitted to her that he'd lost it.

She decided to kill Andy Warhol and she hit him only once, but that one shot went through his left lung, his spleen, his stomach, liver and also esophagus and right lung (no, I don't know which order, but one has to assume it bounced off some bit of bone somewhere, but then my knowledge of anatomy isn't all that good). Mario Amaya was also hit, but Fred Hughes wasn't as her gun jammed* [*Thinking that Warhol was a vampire she had coated her bullets in silver paint, (the aluminium foil she'd first tried caused her gun to jam). Luckily for Hughes her gun jammed anyway.].

Warhol was nice to her even though he never recovered from the shots (but of course he couldn't have known that at the time) and didn't testify against her (one wonders what Amaya and Hughes did at the trail though). This is the usual explanation for her only getting three years in jail.

As Lou Reed says in one of his songs:

You get more time for stealing a car