Is this cheating? luke_bkk 21st October, 2008 18:56 (UTC)

3 ** 1000

=> 1322070819480806636890455259752144365965422032752148167664920368226828597346704899540778313850608061963909777696872582355950954582100618911865342725257953674027620225198320803878014774228964841274390400117588618041128947815623094438061566173054086674490506178125480344405547054397038895817465368254916136220830268563778582290228416398307887896918556404084898937609373242171846359938695516765018940588109060426089671438864102814350385648747165832010614366132173102768902855220001

Is this cheating? luke_bkk 21st October, 2008 19:04 (UTC)

Seems ruby can do 3**10000 and 3**100000 but 3**1000000 is a big FAIL

(irb):16: warning: in a**b, b may be too big => Infinity

Is this cheating? Kirit Sælensminde 22nd October, 2008 02:53 (UTC)
Cheating is maybe a bit harsh. Maybe against the spirit of the puzzle, but… We do need to get our solutions “by hook or by crook”, so if you can use a built in mechanism so much the better.

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