April 2009

Created 30th April, 2009 03:54 (UTC), last edited 30th April, 2009 04:26 (UTC)

BarCamp Bangkok number 3 is rapidly approaching now. The dates for it are set for the 23rd and 24th May — just over three weeks away. Unlike the previous BarCamps this one will be a proper camp as we can stay over at the venue.

It will be happening at Sripatum University on Pahonyathin Road. They have great facilities there that they're letting us use for this. The campus has a very good atmosphere and we should have 2 floors of big rooms for people to use and there is a huge space where we can organise the agendas and all be together which is inside so we won't be affected by rain.

We're expecting maybe 500 or 600 people with somewhere between one and two hundred staying over. Like previous BarCamps, registration is likely to be over pretty quickly. The best thing to do is get yourself on Twitter and follow barcampbangkok. We're also on IRC on Freenode in #barcamp-thailand.

Somehow Tai and I have been given the job of venue liason. Hopefully we won't muck it up.