Bangkok coup?

Created 19th September, 2006 17:23 (UTC), last edited 19th September, 2006 17:58 (UTC)

Well, it seems the country is in the process of completely losing its head. The whole thing only started a few hours ago and of course it is night here now and a curfew has been declared, but we don't know the terms of it.

The English news channels (BBC, CNN etc.) have been taken off UBC, the satellite/cable provider. At the moment the Internet is still working and I guess that the phones work. I don't expect that either of those will be cut though.

The main army bases supporting Thaksin are within a couple of kilometers of us here. Obviously we don't know if there will be fighting, but I can't imagine that anybody will be crazy enough to start fighting within the city, especially not around residential areas.

Anyway, we'll be fine and we'll see how it all looks in the morning.