July 2006

Created 31st July, 2006 03:08 (UTC), last edited 31st July, 2006 05:26 (UTC)

July has been pretty quiet in terms of new content from me, but the forums have seen a little bit of action.

Mangosteen Garcinia mangostana As well as the mangosteen photo the only other new thing this month was the Free the Postcode page which is the first demonstration of what FOST.3™ can do with geographic information.

Other FOST.3™ news

On the FOST.3™ front another personal web site is nearly ready to be published and we have now turned on the proper FOST.3™ web site. There isn't much on there yet so probably isn't worth a visit right now, but we have big plans. There's already more than 10,000 pages of documentation waiting to go live.

We're in the process of switching from Visual SourceSafe to Subversion and the tool that we've developed to perform the database migration will be the first application that we will open source.

The new server

I'm certainly a fan of the new server in London. It's an awful lot faster than the older machine I was running in Thailand. I guess it'll also mean a slight change in what happens with Google searches. I expect that I will get dropped from, or at least move down, the Thai listings and added in to the UK listings.

Google seems to put a lot of weight to my pages at the moment in the Thai-only listings. For example I'm often number one when searching for Wikipedia and my page on Vertigo normally seems to be above the official homepage (at the time of writing both of these searches had me at number one).

It'll be interesting to see what effect changing the physical location of the server has, but I expect that there's a lot more quality English content in the UK which should push me down the search results.