Max's water fight

Created 24th March, 2009 14:21 (UTC), last edited 24th March, 2009 15:32 (UTC)
Max's water fight

Max lives across the road from us and today he found a tub outside our house. This seemed a good excuse to get some early Songkran practice in.

I was playing around with the P mode on the camera going from extremes of shutter speed/F stop. The focus was done using the 3D focus tracking — very useful with a small kid moving around so much. I took nearly 100 shots and this is one of several that I quite like. I have the focus and exposure set up along the lines Tony Bouch explains for his D700. His D700 is certainly a lot heavier than my D90, especially with the long lens and the flash he let me play with the other weekend. Hopefully by copying his controls I'll be a bit more comfortable next time he lets me play with the D700 :)

I've cropped the photo down and made a small tweak to the colour balance when GIMP lost the colour profile — I'm still working out the best way to handle the software side of this process.

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