Fost 4 release now out

Created 30th December, 2013 04:40 (UTC), last edited 30th December, 2013 04:56 (UTC)

I'm afraid that there are no changes in this release, but that doesn't mean things aren't changing. My intention is for this to be the last release done through the Subversion repository as all the source will be moved over to Git.

The plan is to split each library into two repositories — the first being the actual library code itself, and the second being the library build environment. This is how the fost-beanbag functionality is already done, see beanbag and fost-beanbag (although the motivation is different and this will mean a slightly different naming convention for the base libraries).

Development will be done using Git flow, but I don't foresee using the release mechanism. What this means in practice is that the unstable code now in trunk will be in a develop branch and the stable version will be in master. The quarterly releases will simply be tagged versions of master. By having everything in Git it'll make this process significantly easier to manage and will mean that the libraries currently in Git will get proper tagged releases.

I've yet to sort out the details of how to do the transfer of the code and the structure of the libraries themselves, but I do hope to get most of this done during the course of the next week.

Linux & Mac
svn co fost-hello
cd fost-hello

On the Mac you will need to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH before running hello-world-d

export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=dist/lib
svn co fost-hello
cd fost-hello

Download locations

Everything is available through our Subversion repository. Below are the locations for the tagged releases for Fost components.