Gearing up for ICFP 2009

Created 23rd June, 2009 11:26 (UTC), last edited 23rd June, 2009 11:49 (UTC)

I only heard that the ICFP competition was approaching over last weekend when I was putting the Fost 4 release together. Since then I've been starting to put a team together based around the BarCamp Thailand participants.

At the moment we have a few very talented developers who are going to put some serious effort in, a few who will probably drop in from time time and we even have a support group who will cheer us on.

Membership is open, you don't need to be involved with BarCamps, be in Thailand or even be a developer. If you want to join the team then you should do something along these lines:

  1. Make sure that your computer is properly set up and you have internet access. If you're going to come to the Felspar offices let me know so I can send you a map. Space isn't infinite, but it won't matter if you're somewhere else as we expect to be working with people all over the internet, at least in Thailand.
  2. Head over to and register an account there. Email me (privately, don't spam the list) your log in name. I need to add you the project team and add the same credentials to the subversion repository.
  3. Once you can get to the project homepage, post a bit about yourself to the team introduction thread.
  4. I'll also supply you with an SVN repository URL. You should be able to check out from it and check in to the sandbox. We'll start to fill up trunk properly when the competition starts.

The project pages and the subversion repository will be private to team members until after the competition when they'll be open to anybody to read. At the moment we expect that we'll be using mostly Python with maybe some C++ or other things depending on what the problem is.

Last year I entered on my own and didn't have much time to put into it. My little rover still managed to get into the second round of heats though which I found flabbergasting!

Given who's already joined the team for this year I think we can do a lot better, even if I don't do anything at all — maybe especially if I don't do anything at all :)