The Kember Identity

Created 7th May, 2009 06:50 (UTC), last edited 7th May, 2009 07:04 (UTC)

Elliott Kember has come up with an interesting idea. Look for an MD5 string that hashes to itself. He's working out something with money which I'm not sure I understand, but I do like the idea of the search.

Elliot is using the hexadecimal representation of the hash value with lower case letters.

Would it make any difference if the hex digits were in upper case?

There are of course many representations. By using this one I'm not sure he's really looking for a hash value that hashes to itself. Certainly there are a few interesting questions around this:

  • Does it make any difference if we use the numerical representation directly?
  • Does it make any difference if we use the base 64 representation?
  • Does it matter if we don't care which representation is used to get a match?