January 2008

Created 31st January, 2008 01:55 (UTC), last edited 31st January, 2008 13:51 (UTC)

BarCamp this month was a huge success. I wasn't the most busy of the organisers, but still it was pretty hectic so I didn't really get a chance to think too much about what was going on. There was one point in the morning though when I realised I was enjoying myself hugely.

I met a lot of great people and the two talks I made went down fairly well. I didn't quite have time to finish the Haskell one and ran over a little. Sean Culver from Snapp Innovations was very good about it though, and his talk on Magento was very interesting.

I need to post the final part I wanted to show about Haskell to do with partial application and currying, but so far I've been too busy catching up on displaced work to get it done.