Created 16th March, 2008 12:57 (UTC), last edited 20th July, 2008 10:23 (UTC)

libpqxx is Jeroen Vermeulen's excellent C++ library for the PostgreSQL database. It is the database library on which FOST.3™ bases its support for Postgres.

Jeroen is working on version 3 of the libraries which contain a number of improvements, but the libraries are still very difficult to use from Windows — basically you have to be able to do a full compile of Postgres rather than just rely on having the development options of the server installed. What I am going to try to do to help is to work on a build mechanism which is much easier for Windows users of libpqxx to use. I'm going to be focusing on the upcoming version 3 of libpqxx and the new 8.3 Windows distribution of Postgres.

Releases are announced in the blog posts below.

Blog entries

libpqxx-win32 r31721
libpqxx-win32 r32368