Why not resubmit the message? Yossi Kreinin 8th November, 2007 18:39 (UTC)


In the single case when the mods at comp.lang.c++.moderated rejected my posting, they explained exactly which part of it they considered inappropriate for the NG, and proposed to edit that spot and resubmit.

I don't see why they rejected your message, but in general, they seem to care about:

  • Having information in the message (although lots of noise does sneak in)
  • Having no personal attacks (although lots of vitriol does sneak in)

I don't “hide” behind moderation; “hiding” behind the mods of a C++ NG when attacking C++ is not an easy task. They probably let my messages through since they consider them polite and informative enough, and I'm sure they'll publish a version of your message.

I believe we already had a discussion on c.l.c++.m since you've published this posting, and I think it was an informative one. I'll happily talk to you again on c.l.c++.m, and this is the single place on the net where I talk about the FQA. I tried to discuss it elsewhere previously, but the signal to noise ratio of those threads proved to be too low to bother (although I did have lots of supporters, which is very unlikely in c.l.c++.m).