Mediawiki syntax

Created 24th February, 2006 14:52 (UTC), last edited 23rd January, 2007 11:24 (UTC)

When you post in the forums (or indeed write articles) there is a definite format to what you can type and expect to be understood by the system. This syntax is part of all FOST.3™ systems that use the content management module and it is based on Mediawiki's syntax (as used on Wikipedia and countless other sites on the Internet).

Right now the system doesn't support the full range of Mediawiki syntax, but it does support those that you're most likely to use and it also has a few extensions.

The basics


If you don't need anything fancy then the basic format is simplicity itself. Just type away remembering to press the enter key twice at the end of each paragraph (i.e. leave a blank line between them).


If you want to link to another page somewhere then just enclose the link within square brackets, for example, to link to Google use this:


This will display like this:

You can also change the text that is displayed for the link by putting it before the closing bracket after a space. For example:

[ See the example site]

Will display like this:

See the example site

Bold and italics

To get text to be bold put three apostraphes around it and for italics use two. For example:

'''Bold text''' and ''italic text'' and even '''''bold italic text'''''

Will give this:

Bold text and italic text and even bold italic text

You can also do more complex transitions:

'''Bold then into ''italics'' and bold again''' ''going to italics '''then bold'''''

Will give:

Bold then into italics and bold again going to italics then bold


To get the most important level of heading use a single '=' sign at either end.

=Level 1 heading=

This will give the following:

Level 1 heading

To get less important levels use ever increasing numbers of equals signs. So the heading level two below the last example is done like this:

===Level 3 heading===

And will appear like this:

Level 3 heading

Up to six levels of headings are supported.