June 2009

Created 30th June, 2009 04:44 (UTC), last edited 30th June, 2009 06:21 (UTC)

It's been a bit of a wild weekend. There'll be a proper write up a bit later, but the long and the short is that we only got four valid submissions in for the ICFP competition.

We did better than we feared after we first read the problem specification, but not nearly as well as we'd hoped. All in all though it was certainly fun, and we're going to go again next year.

We did manage to submit four results for the first problem. The submissions use a (at least near) optimal fuel burn, which unfortunately meant we got penalised because the scoring was the wrong way around :( Our solutions which burnt all of the fuel would have put us much higher, but although they worked perfectly on the virtual machines we wrote, they didn't work on submission. Fairly annoying.

I'll do a proper write up once I've had time to catch up on all the other stuff I haven't been doing during the contest.