May 2009

Created 31st May, 2009 11:54 (UTC), last edited 31st May, 2009 12:03 (UTC)

This month we got the support system that we have been using for some of our bigger projects set up in such a way that we can use it for our smaller projects too. This involved mostly working out the correct security configuration to run on the site so that we can projects publicly or privately and setting up new projects is pretty easy.

We're not starting to move over to using it to manage our open source projects. First on there is the support site itself and the basic Fost 4 libraries — fost-base and fost-py. We clearly need to do some work on making the site look a bit nicer :)

Over the next few weeks we'll be discussing release schedules internally for these projects. We'll also be talking about when and how to release another project which is currently being used internally. Watch this space!