March 2009

Created 31st March, 2009 15:28 (UTC), last edited 31st March, 2009 15:42 (UTC)

As ever, another busy month. I'm falling even further behind writing up the BeerCamp puzzle answers :( I'll get to them and put some time in on them — after all, I have the code written, I just need to write it up.

Clearly I also got that Nikon D90 this month. In the first week I took just under 1,000 photos with it. As I'm going to London this month for my sister's wedding I guess the number will be much, much higher by the time I get back :) I'm really looking forwards to it! Especially as it'll be Tod's first real trip abroad.

From a work perspective it looks like we'll be doing a huge “go live” for a big client whilst I'm away. I'm very pleased that it isn't something that I'm finding overly concerning. There's always the chance for things to go terribly wrong, but we've been practising the deployment ever since we started the project (more than a year ago now). We have a lot of experience of what to expect and what might happen. We can't rule out big problems, but I'm quietly confident my holiday won't suffer any undue disruption.

In short, it's likely to be quiet around here until sometime after I get back. I have the BeerCamp puzzle write ups in hand, but I'm not likely to get a chance to do anything with them until May(ish). I'm expecting a mountain of email and other stuff to get through when I get back :(