December 2008

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This is a re-print of an old story

Tiger yawned and stretched. He opened his eyes and realised that he was in jail. Again.

What was it this time? He closed his eyes and tried to think back. Something about beating up the postman. He didn't really understand himself. Some people caused him a total loss of control and then he… Well, he didn't always remember what he did, but there was generally even more trouble later on. And here he was, in trouble and in jail.

He had a room-mate this time. Somebody he knew from his time inside. Big, fat. Total coward apart from at meals. Nobody touched their food, ever. Tiger had tangled there once. Never again, even though all the other inmates in the adjoining cells were scared of him, and even though his cell-mate was scared of all the others. He was proud of his wiry frame. Still thin even though his beard was nearly all gray. Not worth fighting over a scrap of food.

The prison wasn't exactly high security. The wardens were pretty sloppy and there was a steady stream of visitors coming and going. Sooner or later he'd find his chance to break out and have a look around. If he didn't cause any trouble whilst he was away he might even get back in without anybody noticing.

A comfortable bed, food brought over to him and he could be safe behind bars when the local gangs were on the prowl. Out on his own he was getting too old to keep scrapping with them. But this way he could go out and enjoy himself nearly any time he wanted and act tough safely behind bars when that suited. This jail lark wasn't as bad as all that really.

The chief warden might call him and his cell-mate stupid, but he didn't think staying put was all that stupid really. After all, he could hear the postman's motorbike approach. Tiger yawned again and then jumped up on his bed and started barking. Life didn't get much better really.

Sua (Thai for Tiger) was killed earlier today by a car outside the house.