August, 2007

Created 31st August, 2007 03:15 (UTC), last edited 31st August, 2007 03:15 (UTC)

This month the servers started to rebel. The main server in the UK that hosts this web site (amongst others) decided that it didn't want to talk to the computers on the office network. Trying to fix these things isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially not when the computer is 10,000km away — one mistake and it's a very long journey to go and hit the reset switch.

This has meant delays in emails, problems getting backup files of the web site databases and, of course, an awful lot of wasted time (nearly a whole week).

Sometimes I hate computers.

Just to add to our woes two of the hard disks in the main file server on the office network died. Thankfully one of them is part of a mirrored pair and the other is part of the Dfs network so nothing has been lost. It's a pain nonetheless.