April 2007

Created 30th April, 2007 05:27 (UTC), last edited 30th April, 2007 05:51 (UTC)

It's been a busy month here and I have a lot of loose ends to tie up. Songkran is always a crazy time here.

  • The password-less authentication system is going into production on a web site that will be going out to a limited audience this month. The site is a paid subscription B2B site so there won't be much for most people to play with. This does mean that I need to put together a public demonstration site for it, a task I've barely begun.
  • Over the weekend I just got a simple multi-threaded Javascript host working which I'm calling Mahlee. The current implementation is a bit crude, but appears to work. It needs a little more before I'll put out an alpha release, but with any luck I should find a little time for it over the next week or two. At least enough to convince myself that it is really working and not just appearing to work.
  • We've also changed the way that we are Subversion. Previously each client project lived in it's own sub-tree with its own tags, branches and trunk. Because the projects share so much code (some of the simpler web sites, like this one, are about 99% shared files) this meant in practice that we weren't using branches. We've now re-arranged everything so that we can branch and the difference it makes is phenomenal!

A final reminder that there are a few options for feeds. There are more RSS feeds than Atom ones right now. Hopefully I'll also find time to sort that out.