March 2007

Created 31st March, 2007 06:09 (UTC), last edited 31st March, 2007 06:17 (UTC)

Eeek! Deadlines!

The two projects I've been working on are nearly set to go. One of them we've been using and testing internally for a couple of weeks now. The other is due to start a limited beta next week.Both will be open to public perusal by the end of April. Of course this means that I've been doing pretty much nothing else for the past few weeks, and probably won't be doing much else for the next few.

Having said that, I did find time to get into an interesting discussion with Why Why Functional Programming Matters Matters Reg Braithwaite]. As well as the article already published on programming languages I have two others planned as a result of the chat. One about using C++ as a high level language and the other about object oriented design using his simple employees and departments example.

And finally, the new location for the server seems to be doing well. I was worried about bandwidth and reliability but so far both seem fine. Fingers crossed…