Server moving today

Created 15th March, 2007 05:55 (UTC), last edited 19th March, 2007 06:32 (UTC)

The server that runs this site and a few smaller ones is being moved today. The new home is a temporary one and I'm not sure how good the internet connection is going to be. Hopefully nobody will notice much difference.

15/3/2007 15:18:40.708 (UTC) — The server is now on the move…

16/3/2007 05:35:09.181 (UTC) — The server has been moved, but is not yet live…

17/3/2007 06:16:39.321 (UTC) — The server is running a couple of internal sites but we're having trouble convincing it to send backup data to our main network. After remotely configuring the TCP/IP settings (always fun to get right without killing the network connection completely) the machine refuses to VPN to our main network through RRAS (but it works fine if done manually). Until we can get backup files reliably transferred the public sites are continuing to run on a backup server. We're trying to set up a different route for the data.

19/3/2007 06:32:19.804 (UTC) — The server is doing its job again now. It'll be another few hours before it gets the latest updates to the postcodes though.