August 2006

Created 31st August, 2006 08:11 (UTC), last edited 31st August, 2006 08:27 (UTC)

The two articles published this month¹ [1Recursive rights and wrongs and On following rules.] seemed to generate some interest. There was some very interesting discussion about the implementation of the different recursive algorithms and for once it was on my site rather on Reddit.

I think I will be expanding the article on rules significantly. I added the list of example rules almost as an afterthought just before publishing the article, and thinking about it some more I realise that it would be a good way to tie together some other articles I've been working on. All of these rules will make interesting articles so I'm especially interested in other people's thoughts on rules to add to the list.


At FSL Technologies we have now switched away from using Visual SourceSafe to Subversion. It's something we've been planning and working on for some time. First impressions of using it live are that it is very good. I'll be publishing a much more detailed explanation of what we've done, how we've done it and why in September.

As an extra bonus we'll also be giving away the tool that we used to do the migration. This will be our first test of actually putting something out into the wild that we have open sourced.