Kirit Sælensminde

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Kirit was born in 1970 CE in Norway, but grew up in London. He moved to Thailand on September 11th, 2001 and has been living there ever since. He is still a Norwegian citizen.

Kirit is a Software Engineer and specialises in object oriented methodologies, design and development; multi-paradigm software development techniques; teaching and mentoring.

As a founding organiser of BarCamp Bangkok and a founder of the first Thai hackerspace, Bangspace, Kirit is a well known and respected member of the Thai technical community.

Kirit can be contacted through his web site (, by email at, and by telephone on +66 86 992 6229 or on Telegram and Signal.


Kirit has been programming computers since 1983 and started his first software company in 1985.

Kirit writes software in C++, JavaScript and SQL. He also uses Haskell from time to time and writes about Java, C#, LISP and a large number of other programming languages.

As well as being a skilled developer Kirit has built development, IT infrastructure and IT operational teams. He was an early adopter of Object Technology and what has come to be known as Agile development. He has closed software sales deals totally many millions of pounds and regularly consults on the use of IT to streamline business administration and operations for start ups and established companies alike.

Head of Engineering at HotNow Co Ltd.

  • 2018 — present

Partner at Proteus Technologies Co. Ltd.

  • 2010 — 2018

CTO at FSL Technologies Ltd

  • 2001 — 2008

Kirit has managed the development of the FOST.3™ application framework and it's new cross platform Fost 4 frameork. He has released Mahlee™ and sourcesafe2subversion, the Android game Missile intercept and various other projects.

He has overseen the complete transformation of business administration systems for several clients including established and start up businesses.

Guest lecturer at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology

  • 2007 — 2008

Kirit taught the third year Systems analysis and design course and a second year programming course at the International school of King Mongkut's Institute of Technology's Faculty of Science in Ladkrabang (KMITL).

CTO at Felspar Ltd

  • 1998 — 2001

Kirit managed all the developers (up to 35 people) and was responsible for developing the core framework and methodology used. He also performed pre-sales, sales and contract negotiation. He closed sales and negotiated contracts on projects worth several million pounds.

He was responsible for the design and building of several intranet portals and telephone billing systems.

Director at Motion Graphics Ltd

  • 1992 — 1998

Kirit created software for digital video effects and video editing, he directed videos and created animation for TV advertising and idents (for ITV, MTV, Cartoon Network amongst others). He also managed the digital production (including web development) projects. He released one of the first Java games on the internet when Java was still in alpha release which was certainly the first multi-threaded Java internet game. In 1996 he helped to set up the first web design company in Thailand.

During this time he also taught object oriented software and design to independent contractors and companies like Ford, the BBC and GCHQ. He also taught C++ to the UK Ministry of Defence.


Imperial College London, University of London

  • 1990 — 1993, BEng (Hons) and Associate of the City & Guilds Institute

Coopers School, Chislehurst, London

  • 1987 — 1989, A-Levels in Maths, Further maths, Physics and Chemistry