KP Minor Tweak

Created 21st May, 2005 14:27 (UTC), last edited 5th November, 2019 03:23 (UTC)

Kirit & Pang's Minor Tweak is a mod for Firaxis Games/Civilization 3 Conquests and is a basic rebalance for multi-player games where you are playing random maps.

Starting positions are not very balanced when playing random maps and this often leads to situations where one player storms ahead from the rest not due to better strategy. It's much more noticable when playing opponents of around the same level. If one player is much better than the others they'll probably storm ahead despite a bad start.

Rule changes

The specific changes are:

  1. The Great Library as a small wonder—This is now a small wonder so each player can build one. The effect is the same so it means that once a player manages to build it they won't fall too far behind in the tech race.
  2. Minimum research time 2 turns—This is meant to allow at least the strongest two tribes to get some way ahead in tech dispite that many of their techs will be granted for free to other players.


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