Boost cookbook

Created 25th September, 2007 17:35 (UTC), last edited 26th September, 2007 08:30 (UTC)

So what do you do when you have a bright idea one Friday night? Apparently you sleep on it and then spend the weekend building a web site from scratch which you turn on Sunday evening. By the end of Monday it'd had nearly 300 visits, more than 200 visitors and served nearly 2,000 page views (OK, nearly a 1,000 of them were me developing the site, but there were still more than 1,000 pages served on its first full day of public access).

The strangest thing about the web site is that all of the development that I needed to do was in C++, and for most pundits C++ is not a web design language, and especially not one that you use if you want to build a web site quickly. So what went wrong (or right if you're coming from the angle of wanting the site to happen)?

What happened was the difference between using modern C++ and C run through a C++ compiler. Of course no small part of that is the influence of the Boost library on modern development, but I'll let the recipes speak for themselves on that. Of course FOST.3™ already had pretty much all of the heaving lifting I'd need already implemented.

In due course I'm going to explain how the site works, what I had to do, and the problems I had in doing it. The code that is specific to the cookbook site isn't really very much, but on the way I also had to fix a few bits of the core FOST.3™ libraries that had been sketched out, but not fully implemented.

Even with that going on I still had time to go to a party on Saturday night which left me with a raging hangover. There was a point on Sunday afternoon I didn't think I'd get it working by the end of the weekend, but it turns out that was the hangover speaking. It was pretty late on Sunday (at least in my time zone) when I got it turned on. This was because the domain name I'd bought on Saturday wasn't active until nearly midnight on Sunday.