Fost 4 release now out

Created 21st September, 2010 17:15 (UTC), last edited 21st September, 2010 17:36 (UTC)

This release is mostly bug fixes, but does include some improvements to the iOS support for iPhone/iPad.

If you want to get started the best place to look is the fost-hello example project.

Linux & Mac
svn co fost-hello
cd fost-hello

On the Mac you will need to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH before running hello-world-d

export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=dist/lib
svn co fost-hello
cd fost-hello
Boost\build hello\compile

The next release is due out on September 21st.

Download locations

Everything is available through our Subversion repository. Below are the locations for the tagged releases for Fost components.

Detailed change log

  • fostlib::url::query_string objects can now be coerced from fostlib::string objects.
  • Fixed a bug in coercion when going between nullable types.
  • Data handling
    • Started to add in insert for JSON containers
    • Started adding a push_back function that allows consistent pushing back of data across a wide range of types. Currently supports std::list, std::vector and fostlib::json.
  • Threading
    • Added accessors to future so that we can see if there is an exception or a if future (result) is available.
  • Basic library handling
    • Added fost/relops.hpp and started to use it to remove a lot of duplicated code.
  • Logging
    • Added a YAML record class for outputting YAML log records.
  • Parsers
    • Removed the parser instances because they're not thread safe.
  • Object pointers
    • Implemented more of the pointer dereferencing operators.
  • Model initialisation
    • There is now an explicit type for the parameter used to initialise a model instance. This will allow the available information to be extended in a sane manner.