Mad house

Created 19th May, 2010 15:39 (UTC), last edited 19th May, 2010 15:46 (UTC)

Everything's a mad house here in Thailand.

The reds are now without leaders so are out of control, which goes really well with the army who was already out of control — expect a sharp increase in deaths on both sides. It looks like the army has been killing even more today, and it looks like the reds are now also killing. They have set fire to many buildings.

The government has at least been busy doing important things: Facebook has been banned and un-banned in the last hour. Twitter has been banned, unbanned then promptly broke (fail whale).

Oh yeah, there's a curfew on as well and there's very little moving out on the streets even out where we are. In central Bangkok “not even the roaches are crossing the streets”, but buildings are burning

On the plus side we're safe well outside the area. We have one refugee from central Bangkok staying with us, but everybody we know is safe and well.

Will wait to see what tomorrow brings…