Created 11th February, 2010 04:04 (UTC), last edited 11th February, 2010 04:42 (UTC)

Over here at ¹ [1Web site to follow once we work out the DNS problems.] Ben has been trying to get a film night together to watch the classic old geek film Tron.

Google haven't been quite as slack as we have, and they've worked out a cool game AI programming contest inspired from the bike chase scene² [2It always seems to be the bike chase sequence that gets turned into computer game. There was a particular cool one up at BarCamp Chiang Mai where you got to sit on real bikes and play.].

The competition site is over here and you can enter in a wide variety of programming languages. There's a lot of good information about strategies to pursue in the forums and it's pretty easy to grab some examples and run them off against each other on your local machine.

So, who has some bright ideas for strategies? and who is going to throw some code at this and have a play?