Created 26th February, 2008 11:00 (UTC), last edited 26th February, 2008 11:29 (UTC)
BarCamp Bangkok geek meeting

At the Bug and Bee on Silom at 6pm, Sunday March 2nd.

Having Barcamp withdrawl? Want to talk to other geeks but are tired of typing all your thoughts from the command line?

We will have a Geek Coffee House on Sunday, March 2nd at 6:00pm at Bug and Bee on Silom. Nothing fancy—just a place to meet fellow geeks, talk tech, drink some coffee, eat some food and… be a geek! Bring your laptop—they have free wifi.

BarCamp Bangkok 2 Planning Meeting

At the Bug and Bee on Silom at 4pm — that gives us a couple of hours to work before the other geeks join us at 6pm.

This meeting is for people who want to contribute time and effort to making it happen. Come if you are willing to put in some hard work making Barcamp Bangkok 2 happen!

Buddhist wallpapers at The Truths of Life

Sermon in the Deer Park This is what Creative Commons is all about. They've taken a photo from one place and used it to make something new. And of course they've passed the same abilities on to others.