Barcamp Bangkok

Created 5th January, 2008 10:37 (UTC), last edited 17th January, 2008 06:33 (UTC)

I've always been jealous reading about Barcamps and other fun looking conferences that everybody else seems to get to go to at the drop of a hat. Now though Barcamp is coming to Bangkok and you can bet I'm going!

The date is set for January 26th and the venue is Indus at Sukhumvit soi 26.

This will be my first Barcamp so I'm not entirely sure what sort of thing I should be talking about. On the registration form I put two things:

  1. Concurrency is hard, let's go shopping — I was thinking that this could be either a more theoretical overview of concurrency techniques, or an overview of Mahlee™ (the name is either the Thai for flower or Jasmine depending on how you pronounce it). Maybe both if time permits I suppose.
  2. Yoda speaks Haskell — I was thinking of basing this on Yoda speaks Visual Haskell, but do it through the shell/REPL interface. Just something to give those who haven't looked at functional programming languages a feel for the sort of thing that can be done.

The two topics are related in that functional programming is often looked at as the way to automate concurrency, for example pmap in Erlang, but it seems to me that most of the real progress is being made through message passing systems of which Mahlee and Erlang are examples.

Today it was also suggested to me that an overview of FOST.3™ might be a cool thing to talk about. Especially as Drupal and Django are likely to be discussed — this might spark some interesting discussion about how content management systems should be done and what the advantages/disadvantages of various approaches might be. A discussion I know I'd find interesting.